The Lady Grey Arts Academy is a specialised school where young people are developed in the arts.

Founded in 1996, the Academy’s boundaries soon expanded to welcome pupils from all backgrounds and cultures – the Academy is indeed a true reflection of the South African “Rainbow Nation”. Offering specialised education to pupils from the more remote parts of the rural areas of South Africa, students are prepared for various careers in the arts, ranging from visual arts and design to the performing arts and their associated technological fields.

The Academy’s horizons in all educational aspects are ever expanding to meet the needs of the young people of today, focusing especially on the development of their artistic talents and skills.

Lady Grey Arts Academy school building front children1

Our vision for the Lady Grey Arts Academy is to be a dynamic nationally and internationally know arts school where the holistic development of every learner is developed and where potential is turned into excellence. We strive towards giving all young people, regardless of their cultural background, family circumstances, disabilities and prospects genuine opportunities to participate in cultural activities, artistic experiences, knowledge and opportunities to express themselves artistically.