THE MASKED – This too shall pass – A teachers’ showcase

At the Lady Grey Arts Academy School Hall, 18:00, March 11.

Since the year 2020, the Performing Arts has suffered due to Covid-19 restrictions. This was also true for Lady Grey Arts Academy with all shows and performances cancelled. Now, we are going to kick-start the Performing Arts with a first of its kind for the Academy.

The teachers, who see to it that learners make it into the industry, are going to showcase their talents. TEACHERS are to perform comedy, Commedia dell’arte, piano, dance and singing as well as an art exhibition and fashion show. A variety of performances that will keep everyone glued to their seats.

A tuckshop will be open for light refreshments. Tickets can be booked at Rose Nel (0516030046). Come let’s give the Arts a boost after we have been masked for so long!

We are looking forward to seeing you.


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